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Maria Wilson

Holistic Therapies
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Maria is an excellent therapist - sensitive, knowledgeable and caring.  The BodyTalk sessions I have had, have been truly transformational.
Anna M.  Surrey
March 2018




About Maria Wilson



Maria Wilson
Holistic Therapies

The BodyTalk System, Rahanni Practitioner
Reiki Master,  Advanced Reflexologist
Animal Healer/Communicator


Maria Wilson

I began my journey with complementary healthcare when I trained as a Reflexologist in 2002, followed by training in Body Massage, Daoyin Tao (a therapy blending massage with specific acupuncture pressure points) and Reiki. Several years later I received my Reiki Master attunement.  In 2017 I was attuned to Rhanni Celestial Healing.


In 2006 I first heard about The BodyTalk System.  Introduced firstly to the Access programme. I took the one day workshop, which gave me several techniques to use on myself, my family and friends – even my dogs.


Following Access, I booked a BodyTalk session. The session blew
me away.  It was like coming home – a discovery of something so right I felt it
in my whole being.  I began the training and qualified soon after.  Working with BodyTalk is such a joy.  Every session is so different and the shifts occurring are both amazing and surprising.  Many clients find themselves in a place of wellbeing and grow to understand why they are experiencing particular symptoms; when the timing is right, they achieve an optimum balance and their symptom has shifted.


The BodyTalk System is an open system of healthcare - what does this mean? Being open, BodyTalk blends itself with any other modality - allowing the healing to take place using any tools available. Simply put, this means I can draw on any one or all of the therapies I have learned as well as draw on any system of healthcare that exists - energetically.


I have also attended several workshops on communicating and working with animals, encouraged by my own pets who continue to thrive from Reiki and AnimalTalk sessions.


January 2017 I received my attunment to Rahanni Celestial Healing.   I can really feel the difference in the frequency of this heart based energy compared to the grounded energy of Reiki.  Both have their place and are valuable in and of themselves and I continue to use both modalities (but not at the same time) as required by the client's innate wisdom.


Being a healthcare practitioner with my many tools has brought new dimensions to my life and to those who have experienced the wonder of these techniques for themselves. The learning continues.

Maria Wilson

Maria Wilson meets John Veltheim


Finding Health 1: Mapping the Healing
Process - July 2011

Maria snapped with John Veltheim
following a weekend seminar.

"These camera phones just don't show off my best side!"


Mind Body Soul Exhibition Kempton Park



Mind Body & Soul Exhibition 2009

Kempton Park


Gudrun, Mari, Lyndsay, Eloise, Sarah, Maria and Andy




Treatment Intensive

Group photos from courses held by
John Veltheim during 2011

Finding Health









Educational Portfolio 2002 to date

Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology

Diploma in Advanced Reflexology

Diploma in Body Massage

Reiki I, II, III Master/Teacher

Diploma in DaoYin Tao

Julie Lines - Voice of the Animals - Communication with Animals

Madeleine Walker - Communicating with Animals

BodyTalk Access

(Mod 1&2) BodyTalk Fundamentals and Integration

Qualified - BodyTalk Practitioner

(Mod 3) BodyTalk Principles of Consciousness

(Mod 4 & 7) BodyTalk Bio-Dynamics

(Mod 5) BodyTalk Lymphatic Drainage and Applied Anatomy & Physiology

(Mod 6) BodyTalk Macrocosmic BodyMind

(Mod 8a) BodyTalk for Animals - AnimalTalk

AnimalTalk Access

(Mod 9) BodyTalk Matrix Dynamics

Advanced Mindscape

Structural Integration for BodyTalkers

Life Sciences: Freefall 1 and Breakthrough 1

Finding Health 1 and 2

John Veltheim - BodyTalk Treatment Intensive 2011

Eastern Medicine

Qualified - Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner


Rahanni Celestial Healing



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